Citadel Value Fund has selected Pure Capital S.A. as its management company and domiciliary agent. Pure Capital is an independent investment services provider founded in Luxembourg in 2010 and regulated by the CSSF, Luxembourg's financial regulator. It is responsible for all administrative tasks, manages the investments, and runs the risk management and compliance departments. In addition, Pure Capital is Citadel's global distributor.

Bernard Pons

Conducting Officer and Chairman of the Board of Pure Capital

Bernard serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pure Capital S.A. and is one of the conducting officers of Citadel Value Fund. At Pure Capital, Bernard is in charge of risk, valuation, marketing and administration of UCIs in line with regulatory requirements. He also leads the management company services department, including its development to third parties. As a co-founder of Pure Capital, Bernard is a highly experienced finance professional with broad expertise in equity analysis, fund management, risk management, marketing, and administration.

Rudy Hoylaerts

Conducting Officer and Head of Legal and Compliance

Rudy is the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and one of the Conducting Officers at Citadel Value Fund. Rudy has had a long and successful career providing legal advisory services to investment funds and insurance companies in Luxembourg. He joined Pure Capital in 2017, where he is in charge of the legal and compliance department. Prior to that, he worked as a legal advisor at KTL and was involved in the founding of Citadel Value Fund back in 2002.

Want to know more?

In addition to Bernard and Rudy, a team of highly qualified professionals support Citadel Value Fund in its daily operations. If you would like to know more about the people behind Pure Capital, please visit the Pure Capital website.